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A video game was discovered on Dark Alleyway St. in Spooky Town. The victims have not yet been recognized, but based on the game's extremely poor condition and scratches on the cover, it seems that the victim was thrown away like an old worn sweater and unfulfilled dreams. According to investigators, the developer is suspected of being involved, and may possibly be a key suspect for leaving the game and attempting to destroy evidence.

Main suspect of a lost video game has been identified, but apparently he does not care!


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That was incredibly well done!

Glad you enjoyed, thank you for playing!

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Jivapeira.A name of an brand.Cant beilive thats made from an unknown random game dev.The best horror game that really gave me goosebums me.I remember i had my body full of chill.And oh gosh that tv massage that gave me more chills.U understand? how much a game have to be scary to give chills on chills or double chills?.Iam not gonna lie borderlands graphics are next level!. I need your discord for sure!!!.

:D thank for this game !

Thank YOU for playing !!!

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The fact it was so quiet when I was walking around made me scared, the unexpected ending really got me though.Really did enjoy.

You are amazing, thak you so much for playing!

No problem loved it. If you have any other games let me know.

This game scared me soooo bad a couple of times lol 


Glad you enjoyed, scares were pretty funny to watch :) Thanks for playing!

Tense, Chilling and unexpected. Loved it.

Awesome game thank you for making it.  I really love the art style.  I didn't know anything about this gaming going into it but was captivated the entire time. Totally unpredictable which made it even more awesome.  I look forward to future games from you :)  


My Gamplay

A brilliant and intriguing teaser for what's to come.  The scares were simple but SO well used. And that feeling of helplessness and confusion experienced by a civilian during a bombing was something I've never seen explored by a game before.

VERY excited to see what all this means and what's coming next!

Peepo, it's great to see you! Vigilantes are still on the loose, but I'm confident I'll be able to apprehend them and have all of the questions answered. It should be pretty exciting!


Love it, amazing game and the ending was not what I was expecting.

Really enjoyed your video and it makes me happy that I was able to surprise you. Thank you so much for playing!


Awesome game but the lag was so intens for my computer!! Most likely on my end? Still enjoyed the experience! It was the first game I played in this 3 Scary Games video!

Hello! If the game ran fine from your perspective and it was just the recording that was laggy, it means game framerate is lower or higher than your recording output fps, usually turning on vsync helps, but I always try to integrate those settings in the game. Either way, I’m just glad you were still able to have fun. Thank you for playing!

This game was very different and I loved it, I thought the game was going to go in a certain direction and then BOOM! I literally had no idea what was going on but was still enjoying myself I would love to see more!

Thank you, confusion was my goal, so I’m very happy you had fun. Thank you for playing!

Great game! I like it.

Thank you so much for playing!


Thank you for playing. I'm not sure either. It might be clarified in the next version.

Nice game

Thank you for playing!

Loved this! It was so weird and so much fun!

Glad you enjoyed, thank you for playing!



I found the game very eventful, and as usual, I loved this game, it got me a few times. Thought it was random, but kept me wanting more haha! Awesome one Jiva ❤

Harriet, it's great to see you again! Yup the game is indeed very eventful and the criminals who abandoned it are still on the loose. Not sure, but it might get an update in the near future. Glad you enjoyed yourself and thanks for playing! 

Deleted 26 days ago

Thank you for playing!

The game is excellent! Even windy31 passed it, but I have a question, will you transfer this game to mobile devices? I really want to play on the phone!

That's so cool that Windy played it. I had no idea that players would like regular first person games on mobile devices. This game is not super intense, so it is doable, I might do it as an experiment. That would only include android devices tho, coz apple does not allow 3rd party apps and I’m not dealing with their app store :P

Было бы очень круто! :)

Had a lot of fun with this, thanks so much for sharing it with us! :)


You have such a soothing voice, thank you for playing and an awesome video!


wow that's very kind, never heard that before thankyou! ;o Was really good fun, I love memorable one off adventures like this that make you think, so thanks to you again :)


good game. I don't know if it crashed or it was supposed to end after the nuke. Good short game though.

Thank you so much for playing! And yep after the nuke everything crashes and closes :D

Cool. I actually enjoyed that ending. It leaves you wondering and questioning the game. Good job man!

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thanks I was g play it but now I know the ending GG kid

Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed :)


i love your game it was fantastic :):):)

Thank you for playing!


Este juego es muy entretenido, pero su mayor fortaleza para mí fueron los gráfico. Low Poly pero con un delineado que lo hace parecer dibujo hecho a mano. Me encantó el juego. Me hubiera gustado que fuera un poco más largo y que tuviera algo de historia.

Glad you enjoyed the visuals, I have plans to continue with this style, Thanks for playing.

Loved the ending, well done!

Thank you for playing!

really scary! 7/10

Thank you for playing!


For the twist at the end I give this game 10/10 for most original idea. Here's my video of it! Great job Jivapeira you scared the sh*t out of me and then blew my mind at the end 😆

It was a pleasure scaring you :) I love your energy, and had a few nice laughs. Thank You!

Footstep sounds indeed are off :P sound propagates through empty space, so when you turn your head quickly it seems as if someone is right next to you or behind you.


10/10 game, i really liked it!
The graphics is absolute fantastic!

Glad you enjoyed it, thank you for playing!


this game was really good i cant really explain it but something about it was so creepy and the visuals were really cool at times if you want to see my full playthrough of this here it is 

if you checked it out I appreciate you and have a good day regardless

It makes me very happy to see you genuinely enjoying the game. I appreciate your feedback and thank you for playing!

any way i can get this free


You sure can, this is a completely free game.

Absolutely surprising horror game!

The grafic style is so cool!

I hope we can see more from you!!!

Danke schon! Glad you had a great time. I am highly motivated to keep refining and building upon this style

This was so much fun to play and to try to figure out!

You are extremely entertaining to watch, thank you so much for playing!

Played your game at 21:53. No idea what was going on. Terrified me regardless.

Check out my video, sub if you enjoy :)

Confusion is totally understandable and I'm glad you had fun. Just to clarify on footsteps… They sound delayed, because they are played as a 3D sound and propagate in space somewhat like a real sound would do, but I’m just not yet good enough to make it seem more realistic :)

oh don't get me wrong if anything it added to the horror for me! So don't put yourself down saying you're not yet good enough, I really enjoyed the game 🙂 thanks for the comment though

Comments below clip;

A game that is playing games with me.

Without much guidance, I managed to reach the end... or was it the beginning...?

Judge for yourselves.

Thank you so much for playing! I believe it’s not the end. New awesome things are built upon destruction and reconstruction.

In life, we have but one option, and that is to move forward. We can build. We can destruct. No matter what, we still move forward. History casts shadows into 'tomorrow lands.'

I honestly do not understand how the entire game is related to the cartridge since this game is about nuclear bomb, a glowing man, and who is cassie?

Old cartridge is just a physical representation of a lost game and it’s still a mystery why the developer threw it away and it is not yet clear what he’s hiding or trying to say. Some people that had near death experiences sometimes witness unusual supernatural things, so the “glowing guy” is just a messenger of incoming inevitable doom. Also Cassie is/was a daughter of the involved character, but the whole family was out of town and are still missing.

I enjoyed the game and how the story sorta leads you where to go but feels natural and how theres always something going on so your not just standing there doing nothing and the like the few scares you get

But one thing that is confusing is keeping up with what is going on it could have been maybe explained in a way but i really enjoyed the game and i hope you enjoy tge video

Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for your feedback. Yup the story is a bit obscure, but it was in a way intentional and the whole game is more like a prolog for a bigger project.

I just watched markiplier play it and I'm downloading it now. Even just watching it was unsettling, the feel of this game is awesome I was getting goosebumps the whole time watching it.

What a crazy experience I loved it, it was very different, I really liked the aesthetics of the game.

Keep it up

Gameplay PT-BR


Glad you had fun and thank you for playing!

Credits and much love to you, developer! Thank you for the AWESOME game. I can't wait for the next one. I get to play this in the Philippines! 

Thank you for the kind words, it really means a lot! And thank you so much for playing!

i liked the game and the whole end of the world stuff. was interesting but still a good game. 

Sorry your game was laggy. I guess it was a framerate issue, because the game itself is not very heavy. Regardless, I’m glad you had fun and thanks for playing!

thanks :)


I played it and liked it more than I thought I Would! Good work!

I was pleasantly surprised by the production quality of your videos and really appreciate the review at the end, it means a lot and helps me to grow as an indie developer. Thank you so much for playing! P.S I’ll keep an eye on your audiobook “Weeping Cedars” and who knows, maybe if you would be interested we would make a game based on that in the future.

this game was very good and got some really good scares out of me!!!!!

Nice, gave you a follow!

awesome thank you so much!!!

Thank you for playing!

aww no problem!!! 

Jogo muito bem desenhado, jump scares garantidos! and that was my gameplay: 

Thank you for playing!

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