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In search of an old ancient myth about the mysterious “Creator of Worlds”, you find yourself in a forest far far away. Soon enough evidence shows up that the tales are actually true and all sorts of strange things start to happen. 

You end up in a weird place filled with magical creatures and monsters. Some of them are friendly, some not very much so… Unwrap the mysteries and secrets about this magical place and find your way back home!

Controls : 

  • (WASD) - Movement
  •  (E) (LMB) - Interact and shoot 
  •  (G) (RMB) - Throw grenades 
  •  (F) (L) - Flashlight 
  •  (R) (Enter) - Reload weapon 
  •  (Tab) (Num 1,2,3) (Mouse Wheel) - Switch between weapons 
  •  (Esc) (P) - Pause menu (Does not freezes the game) 
  •  (Space) - Jump

Thanks to:

Common Goblin Gaming - For impersonating my little goblins and for support and encouragement that kept me afloat during the making of this game. Go check their YouTube channel. They are an entertaining, funny and amazing duo.

Laudplays - For incredible most professional voice acting for magic mushroom fairy. He has a YouTube channel and also started to make his own games which is super cool and amazing <<Link to his page on Itch>>

Kidd Karizma - For an outstanding piece of art on the evil boss lady and some of his coolest art that allowed me to enrich my world. Check out his YouTube channel.

Krimmu_xd - For creating and sketching the first steps on modelling the evil boss lady and for the help that generated new ideas. She's a super talented artist that does custom art and has a very cute unique style. Go take a look at her work on her webpage.


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The Creation.zip 2 GB


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I just installed, but it said failed to load descriptor file. What's the fix?

This error occurs when the game files or dependencies to run it gets corrupted. There could be a couple solutions… Try to redownload, also it is possible that either (WinRar or WinZip) does not extract the data correctly, or maybe the location has permission restrictions. Another solution is to reinstall prerequisites which is located in game folder Engine/Extras/Redist/en-us/UE4PrereqSetup_x64 also it could be that the graphics card does not like the DirectX version of the game so updating DirectX could also solve the problem.


This game is wild man! It has way more stuff in it than I originally thought. My only 2 critiques is that I think the character voices are a little low and I am not a fan of the reload and the use button being the same button. Definitely a dope game and this video is just part one, I will be finishing this.

Thank you for playing, very glad you liked it. Really enjoyed your energy in the video. Can’t explain why I thought it was a good idea to put E and LMB together, I definitely need to fix that. Also when you got stuck at the end with the viruses, did you get the disks or did it bug out? 

It bugged out. I got both of the discs but it would not let me insert the virus for whatever reason.


Really great game that has a lot of potentials and the humor is right there. Love the graphics and everything about the game. Also, I love the fact how you can joke about yourself in the game, which shows how much love you put in the game. 

Loved the video. It’s an amazing feeling seeing people genuinely enjoying and having fun playing my games. Thank you very much.

A fan of yours sent me a message with this game, and it looked so good I had to give it a try! Graphics are great, was super surprised with the voice acting, and the humor is right up my alley! Having a great time so far but keep an eye out for more videos, hope you enjoy! 


Thank you for the kind words and for playing. I appreciate that you took your time and did some exploring, also you are the second person who compared it with Skyrim, that is awesome! You did end it right before the autosave unfortunately, but it should not take very long to return to the same spot.

Enjoyed the game loved it the shooter, the story, the characters and it was just fire loved it.

Happy that you liked it. You just plowed through those zombies, even ran out of bullets, nice. Thanks for playing.

I got to play this one to myself but Ep 1 is crazy

Glad you enjoyed it, the memes and edits in the video are hilarious, thanks. You should definitely play this game by yourself, have fun.

I loved how meta the game is and the 4th wall breaks, so hilarious! The mechanics for shooting are a little weird just because it fires with both E and the left mouse button. The story seems pretty good so far, and the character design is pretty sweet! Overall it's a really fun game! 

Thank you so much for playing, I’m very glad you liked the silly humor in it :) Agree for the shooting stuff and I don’t know why I thought that it was a good idea to hook up those keys that way. I’ll have to fix that in the update and also I noted when you said about subtitles, so thank you for the advice as well.

No problem, really enjoyed it! I look forward to finishing the game haha! 

That Game Was Awesome keep it up...

It’s a shame you had such a terrible lag. It encourages me to try to make my games more user friendly in the future. Anyways, thanks for trying it out.

That ok... Thank you for makin an awesome game

I love it. I had a ton of fun playing this and the story is great. Also, the beginning got me with a lot of scares and that I like :). The characters and voice acting was fantastic and amusing. I did have a bug when I had to download the virus to the drives. When doing so, I collected both drives and tried to put them to the computer you have to hack and only one went through,  but it worked on my second try doing it. Otherwise great game.

Parts where you got spooked are so funny, I loved it :) Sorry for the buggies, no matter how many times I test and repeat, I still miss things and it’s frustrating. Hope it didn’t ruin your experience and you still had fun playing, and thank you!

No problem and glad you liked my video. Even with the bug I still had a great time playing.  This game was also the second game I've played that was fun to edit, which is great! 


Very amusing game, 3rd attempt. Still got to me some parts, and very fun. Good bit of action too. Thanks for the recommendations!

Thank you very much for playing, glad you enjoyed it. I noticed you had some framerate issues in the video and I might have a solution. There’s two possibilities either your obs video frame output is too low or too high and/or you can manipulate those settings in game by activating Vsync (Vsync can cause even more issues so just try it out) or capping the framerate to 30-60 ideally, hope this will be of some help in the future and thanks again, really enjoyed the video your commentary was amazing, you are awesome.

Thank you Jiva,  I am looking forward to continuing with the game, and make a series out of it! I loved how it gave me a mix of Skyrim and Black Ops Zombie vibe. With my little issue, I've been trying to figure it out for so long! I think I may have fixed it. Got a new video coming up tomorrow, different game ofc. It's frustrating seeing framerate issues in some of my previous recordings. I appreciate the help, just like I am willing to help promote other games of yours in the future. I am glad I entertained you and that you enjoyed the video. You are awesome too, keep it up :)

Did not played much of call of duty, but I’m a huge huge fan of Skyrim and maybe my level design is influenced by that idk :D. Either way, don’t worry about promoting just play it and enjoy my friend

glad we will hopefully get along :P skyrim is literally my favourite game

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Thanks, I couldn't get my eyes of the little spec stats on top of the screen, for my it's a priority to make my games run smooth, so I'm happy :) Also I love the colors in the thumbnails, nice job and awesome gameplay!

Deleted 22 days ago

Yup the platforming part can by frustrating, sorry and hope you still had a great time.

best ending to a game ever Jiva!!! Thank you so much for including us in your amazing game!! 

It was my pleasure, friends. Game wouldn't be the same without you two little cute goblins :)

part 2!!! Such an amazing game! 

you probs figured this out by now, but the thing was is that if you point the cursor at the nemy it registers as enemy and not the door and the way them zombos where clamped up you had trouble.... sorry for that

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Amazing Game. The graphics are superb, and the action is very good. It's never been so cool to headshot zombie heads as it is here. Congrats on your game.

If you had a great time than it's my pleasure. 5mg you played all my games by now... thank you. You are awesome

this game is legit!!! you are amazing JIVA!!  we aren't worthy!!!!

I was afraid to watch the video for some reason :) I'm sure I'm repeating myself but an actual awesomeness is just seeing folks have fun my guys

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Hey broski, managed to play the game till the part where they give me the little quest. I played your NonZero before and this is just like so good (fr), I thought I'd play like 10mins and go watch a movie or smth but at first I saw the main menu and it was rly inspiring then spent like 10 mins to notice the lock on the gate, afterwards I went to the church to look for the key, ate a single mushroom and after getting desperate i was like "what happens if I eat all the mushrooms both colors" and then I was :OOO LOLL and the first cabin got my heartrate to 200 I swear ( I watch a lot of horror but only ever played maybe 2 horror games ). Would love to give more feedback about the gameplay and bugs if I find any also would love to know if it's coming to Steam <3 

I'm not even sure how to respond my friend...:) Thanks, I have plans to make a sandbox mode and add more weapons and stuff... I did think of steam but maybe I' fell like I'm not legit enough  Idk... either way thank yo


Matt, you're being to harsh :D