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Interstellar Cruiser "Helix" with a huge colony is traveling through galaxy to a new potentially habitable planet. 

During the expedition spacecraft encounters a strange anomaly, which alters it's primary course and causes hibernation pod failure. 

It's up to you now to figure out what is happening and direct the ship to it's destination!

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Try NonZero - Act 2 for Free <<<Here>>>

Try out a new sequel NonZero - The Descent <<<Here>>>

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Note - Game includes original chapter (Act 1) and two new ones, there is no save functionality, but you can choose chapters from the main menu. This a complete little project, but it may have smaller or bigger additions to it in the future.

Disclaimer - There is a lot of bright and fast flashing lights in the game!

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Voice acting was beautifully done by Cameron Koblinski

Check out his YouTube Channel <<<Here>>>


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I have FINALLY out the final episode of this dang game! I had so much fun doing this with you Jiva! Thanks for the chance to become INFAMOUS haha 

Welcome back Cameron! Thank you, it was a lot of fun, you are amazing.

We beat Cameron! Such a great game thanks for making it Jiva!! 

Thank you, for taking your time and playing it guys! And you never know, Cameron might be back with a vengeance :D


can’t wait to get to act 3! Such an amazing game! 

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I'm amazed how well you handled my physics puzzle. Good job and thanks for sharing your video!


This game is amazing Jiva!! can't wait to see what you make next!! 

Thank you so much guys, you are awesome! The feedback is wild and I'm already generating new ideas. Promise not to disappoint!


This was so good!! It looks phenomenal and aside from a few little back and forth pacing issues this was damned near perfect! I loved every second of this!!

I am blown away how much I enjoyed your video (and I'm sick of my game co'z I tested it million times) :D calming voice, straight commentary... it was awesome... people like yourself is such an inspiration!...I do so much appreciate your time and I promise I will do even better on my next project.


Thank you SO MUCH fir letting me be a part of this! This was so much fun to put together and im stoked to have been a [art of it :D Here is my video for you to check out! 

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You made it happen my friend :) You deserve all the love... I said it once, I said it million times :) Creators like yourself inspire me, want to keep me going, want to make me do more... It was a pleasure, it was and still... is awesome...


Very cool game! Watch the full game here!

Glad you liked it, thanks.

Little gamebreaking bug: If you ESC in the elevator it clips you trough the elevator.

Thank you for telling me, will definitely fix this in the next release.

Nice one, will be playing more by you.

Pretty good jumpscare in this one. Just wish it was a bit longer and the tasks were clearer. Check out my playthrough of this game in my first 3 scary games video! Hope you enjoy!

Thanks for playing and the video. I do have plans to expand in the near future.

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Pretty okay game, scared me a little but the story wasn't very clear to me. The graphics looks pretty good though, but there are some random light sources everywhere placed on areas that doesn't make any sense. Overall, I'm gonna give it a 6 out of 10. Looking forward to see more game from you, I'm hoping the story will be much clearer in your future games.

Thank you, yes there is a lot of room for improvements. Congrats on your first video!


I really enjoyed this game very well. The black hole part was very shot perfectly and the monster and how it kept me to the edge of my seat. Very good Here's my video hope you enjoy   

Hey, thank you! Why is your fps so low? Is it me or is your OBS? Anyways, if you had a great time this is all I want, thanks for the video, thank you so much!!

no problem and thats because of my obs sorry.

No need to apologize, keep learning and keep doing cool stuff!


Okay I had SOOOO much fun playing this XD I was actually really sad when it ended. Deposits a lack of story I felt really immersed into the universe (literally) and found myself having so much fun making my okie story as I went along!!! Here’s my video! I promise you will get a laugh out of it 😁 

I loved how you tapped into an actual science of it and even figured out the meaning of my dino hologram and that it is a monument to humanities accomplishments :) Really nice video, glad you had a great time, makes my very happy and do more cool stuff :)

haha awesome to hear! im glad you enjoyed :D 


Wow great short horror game! I really like the holographic panels and style of the ship. You did a great job of building this spaceship. I would say maybe tone down the reflective surfaces a bit. Just the floor and ceiling would be enough. I really like the monster design. I just wish there was more to explore! Good job on the game!

Thanks for playing! Yes, I'm struggling to polish the looks even more, but have to figure out the balance between lighting and reflections :) There's a lot of room to improve and expand, feedback is super appreciated and helps me a lot to learn and grow, so thank you very much!


Loved it! Sci-fi Horror is my Peanut butter and jelly! 

Loved your video, I'm so happy you enjoyed my little game. Thank you.

Are you planning on doing more? A moral choice system would be really cool. Like maybe multiple endings depending on if you sacrifice the crew or not. Either way, loved it! Keep up the good work!

Yes, I do have some plans, people seem to enjoy it. It's a good thing I had full story beforehand, just need to do this right. Multiple endings actually would be nice (a lot more work), but it could pay off and make the game more appealing.

yeah im not a game developer but I know you guys work your butts off, whatever you do, im sure it will be great!


this was a very pretty game with good scars, the only issue is since the tasks weren't constantly on the screen it was easy to forget what your doing. 

Thank you and i promise I will improve :)


Hi there! Thanks for making games. It is beautiful, but I wish there was more to do in the game. Here is my playthrough if you're interested in more feedback. 


Hi, thank you for playing! It is only a small demo and there's a lot more work that needs to be done, but I'm glad you like it.

I didnt undertood the game itself but it's so beatiful and maybe I gonna dream with that lovely blackhole, too perfect love ya


Thank you very much, glad you had a great time and please don't dream of black holes, they're scary :)


This was really well made! It started off with some slower paced, sci-fi heavy gameplay, bit was quickly ramped up to an intense horror experience. I enjoyed this! Great work!

Thank you for playing and an awesome video. I love what you did with the thumbnail, looks really cool.


This game was so beautiful! And Scary! Beautifully scary I guess you can say! :D

The graphics were great, but perhaps the lighting was a little to bright. The audio was fantastic worked really well with the environment.

The story was short but, but effective. The gameplay was rather simple, but the cinematics and story were clearly the focus of the game, so it all works well together.

Good work!



Thank you very much, appreciate it.


Hey this is pretty cool! I like what you did with this so far. It was a little slow at first but that just made the scares even more effective because my guard was down. I hope you'll make a longer version of this one day. Thanks for the fun!

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it. And yes, I'm thinking to expand this game a lot more.

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Thanks for the video!


The game is very interesting, with good gameplay and a good realistic look, but I believe that, in my opinion, the game could be more expanded, with more content, to make it more complete. Congratulations.

Thank you. I'm considering to make a fully fledged game from this if people are interested.



Cosmic horror is nice

Show post...

like it amazing game

Thank you!

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I really liked it and the audio is INSANE but can I ask you three things ? 

  • When do you think the full game will be done and is it gonna be on Steam ? 
  • How did you light up the hallways ? because I think it could've been "cleaner" but this is 100% better for the horror or creepy atmosphere.
  • What inspired you to make this game ? ( I'd guess Passengers and maybe Interstellar? )

Thank you, I'm so glad you enjoyed my little project!

Lighting is mostly dynamic, which may sound good, but actually is harder to work with, especially with a lot of reflections. I tend to do less static stuff in games for learning and future flexibility on my projects.
So to regain performance and not going through hard process to optimize every model, I decided to by slightly lazy with lighting :)

Although, my source project uses vRay and fully dynamic volumetric lighting... cinematic, but not that great on performance. That said even though I do have a narrative, but to fully execute my idea would require all my time, so not sure if I'm going to keep working on this... I guess it depends...

And movies like interstellar are definitely awesome and had an impact, but I just love Space and Physics stuff in general :) Even put whole Standart Model equation in observatory area just as an appreciation for the science .

Most important is that you had fun, so thank you for your feedback!

Hello, I played this game and I really enjoyed it, the visuals were great, very shiny, good work :)

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Hi, thank you so much for playing and a nice video!

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I was not expecting such a graphically intense game

Thank you, I was trying my best :) Hope you had a great time!


Good show there, and an ending I did not expect.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer

Thank you for playing. There was actually a way to save the cryo pods, but it worked well :)