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"Evil Mind" is a showcase of a psychological-horror game in development. It's a rip from chapter one, which hopefully will be finished as soon as possible. I'm working solo and it's a bit time consuming, so all of your support and feedback are much appreciated.

Goal is to find items and complete the ritual. 
Keep in mind that it's not a stable release, so there might be issues. If it's performance heavy,  go to settings and try to change overall graphics quality,  rather than changing resolution.

(19/12/31) * Fixed Bug showing no interactions - Lighting adjustment - Reduced file size.

(20/01/07) * Small Bug fixes.


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Nice game, its a shame it wasnt longer because i was enjoying it so much, nice jumpscares great effects and the horror ambience was perfect, well done and thank you.

Thank you, chapter 1 will be coming out at the end of february.

Gave it a go...

This was very good! Aesthetically pleasing, felt great to play. Nice buildup towards the end. I was really impressed by the vast woods. Here's my playthrough:

I loved your playthrough, thank you so much for playing. I'm so glad you liked it.  

Hello, I really liked the game, the theme super good, the shadows well, I would like it to be longer, I would like you to help me by subscribing to my YouTube channel "Placebogamer" link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7Ze0stcmF5zKGiRwGj2RJA?sub_confirmation=1

Thanks for playing, I'm subscribed :)

Gracias por suscribirte a mi canal, perdón por haber tardado tanto en responder, un saludo amigo y perdóname por  norteo contestar, soy nuevo en esto...

The game still dosent let me progress after putting down the candles. There are no letters or nothing to interact with after i put down the candles. Its broken to me. where do you find this " Dead girls" note. Cant interact with her, and theres nothing else in the shed, do i have to go out in the forest?

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Yes, you do need to go to the forest

Deleted 49 days ago

ok nevermind, it finally worked. the trick is turn on and off the flashlight for some reason. that can prevent you progressing.

Except from that, the game is really well made, sound design is really creepy, good job.

Oh... ok then, glad that you worked it out :) Thanks for playing and finding this nasty bug, it helps me a lot to polish stuff for the full version.

Tweaked brightness and flashlight just a bit, so it should be much better now. Stable releases will have full featured settings menu.

Thanks! :)


also what triggers next event after placing all the candles?

After the candles you need to find ritual powder which activates after reading "dead girl's" note. And the darkness was kind of what I was going for, because I didn't want to reveal much in the scene, but I guess I could just make a lighting setting. Thanks for the tip :) 

Dark is good, complete blindness is bad :) just make the flashlight a bit better imo. Nothing to interact with after i place the candles tho.

Yeah, I'll keep this in mind for dark scenes. So after the note find the powder and if all the candles are in place you can activate the thing in the middle, just toggle your crappy flashlight at the thing if it doesn't show the interaction icon :)

Maybe add a flashlight that can actually light stuff up? :D too dark


good and short ...hope full story future this game

Nice playthrough, thanks for playing my game


Impressive Game Dev but I don't know why good games are so short :) Hoping for the full version of this game :)) Rated 5/5.

Thank's for a review. It's awesome when your work is appreciated. And yeah it's just a little preview of basic gameplay, atmosphere, couple scares :) I will be releasing in chapters though... It will be easier and faster to work this way, and give the best quality possible.

Yes please release them as soon as possible. :) 

Link is expired...Upload in Mega or Google drive please

Sorry, should be working now